Derek Francis

Speaker Name

Derek Francis
Job Title
Manager of Counseling Services, Office of College and Career Readiness
Institution Name
Minneapolis Public Schools
Speaker Bio
Derek Francis is a passionate school counselor with years of experience focusing on a proactive, equity based and proactive approach. Derek specializes in helping students and staff build trusting cross cultural relationships and has presented at state and national conferences. Recently, Derek lead a webinar for over 25,000 counselors and educators on “Proactive School Counseling After a Major Racial Incident.” Some of Derek’s published work includes contributions to Contemporary Case Studies in School Counseling, published blog “This Is Not A Fire Drill – Supporting students after George Floyd” and July/August publication articles for American School Counselors Association and American School Board Journal. Derek was quoted in a recent Time Magazine article titled “You Can’t Be Silent, Brace for Presidential Election.” Spending time with his daughter and traveling are Derek’s favorite hobbies. Derek also serves on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team for ASCA and as a professional Development Specialist for Hatching Results.