Speaker Name

Glendal Tautua
Job Title
Admissions Counselor
Institution Name
University of Washington, Seattle
Speaker Bio
Glendal Tautua, a Hawaii Native and now Seattle resident, is an admissions counselor for the Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment Team at the University of Washington. Glendal’s family is from American Samoa and has been an advocate for Pacific Islander students in education since the release of his documentary “Samoan Youth: Ensuring Our Success,” a film that highlights stereotypes and educational disparities in White Center, Seattle. Along with working for admissions at the University of Washington, Glendal is also the co-founder of “Uprise”— one of the largest Pacific Islander education summits in the Northwest—and a non-profit organization called “Our Future Matters,” which works with Pacific Islander students to address education reform and college access. Glendal is also passionate about music and when he is not working with students you can find him writing, producing, and touring the US.